We work to help
non-UK businesses succeed in the UK

We provide UK tax, accounting, legal, import & other services to UK subsidiaries of overseas companies & to UK businesses owned by non-UK entrepreneurs



“Best UK Advisor to Overseas Start-ups – 2019”

SME News, Finance Awards 2019

“Best UK Advisor to Overseas Entrepreneurs – 2019”

Finance Monthly Magazine,
M&A Awards 2019

“Leading Advisor for Non-UK Business Start Ups – 2020”

Acquisition International 2020 – Global Excellence Awards

“Leading Advisor for Non-UK Business Start Ups – 2019”

Acquisition International 2019 Global Excellence Awards

“International Personal Tax – Adviser of the Year UK 2019”

Finance Monthly Magazine – M&A Awards 2019

“Best UK Advisers to Overseas Companies – 2021”

SME News, Southern Enterprise Awards 2021

“Best Overseas Business Start-Up Specialists – 2020”

Acquisition International Magazine,
2020 Accountancy, Audit & Tax Awards

“Best Accounting & Business Set-Up Service – 2020”

Acquisition International 2020 – Worldwide Finance Awards

“Best UK Advisor for Overseas Start-ups – 2022”

Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

“Leading Expert in UK Customs Procedures Award – 2019/20”

London Prestige Awards 2019/20

Established businesses

We help established businesses based outside of the UK expand into the UK by providing them with high-quality UK tax, accounting, legal, import-export & HR services.

Startups & small businesses

We provide comprehensive UK start-up services & advice to overseas entrepreneurs that want to set up in the UK & to small UK businesses run by non-UK nationals.

Expatriates living in the UK

We make transferring to the UK as simple as possible. As well as providing tax services, through our partners, we help apply for visas and the logistics of the relocation.


If you would like to learn more about doing business in the UK have a look at one of our white papers or visit our library in Resources.

Will my company be taxed in the UK or abroad?

Your UK company will pay tax in the UK if it’s managed from the UK. If it’s not it may have to pay tax in your home country.


What do I need to know about Hiring & Firing in the UK?

Hiring & firing in the UK is quite easy. But you need to follow the rules. An unfair dismissal can mean a fine of more than a year’s salary.


What fundamental legal concepts do I need to know?

The UK legal system is quite straight forward. In this White Paper I go through some aspects that are important to businesses.



We provide all the services that you would expect from a UK Chartered Accountancy and Tax Advisory Company. In addition, through our partners, we can help with most other things that people and businesses moving to the UK, or new to the UK need.

Services provided by us

Accounting, Tax & Compliance

Audit & Assurance

Customs Regulations & Procedures


Personal Tax Advice

Start-up Services

Services provided by our partners


Recruitment & HR


Sales & Commercialisation

Software & Support

Visa & Immigration


We are a firm of UK Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers that specialise in helping non-UK companies and individuals set-up and expand their activities in the UK.

Through our UK partners, we provide a broad range of legal, HR, logistics & other services that are designed to help businesses move to the UK.

Through our overseas partners, we provide start-up, accounting & tax services that help businesses set-up & expand in other countries.


Join one of our UK Networking Clubs

Our Networking Clubs help business leaders, start-ups and young entrepreneurs to meet, network, gain support, investment, advice & to have fun in the UK.

CEO Club

AccountsCo’s CEO Club is a networking & social club for our CEOs & directors. The Club’s aims are to inform our clients & to help them & their partners’ to enjoy the UK by participating in high-end social events.

Angel Investors Club

AccountsCo’s Angel Investors Club is a new club that aims to help investors identify profitable opportunities & our start-ups find Angel’s that can provide early-stage investment & assistance.

Young Entrepreneurs Club

This new club is aimed at helping young people from our communities start businesses, meet like-minded people & have fun. If you’re under 25 & want to start a business then this is for you.


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